Professional DJ Workshops

Learn from a DJ with a 40 year career in events, clubs and celebrations. The Pro DJ workshops offer everything you need to become a professional, skilled DJ.

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Train To Become A Pro DJ

The Pro DJ workshops are designed to offer aspiring DJs the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional with a 35-year career in events, clubs, and celebrations. Led by John Johnson, a highly experienced DJ, these workshops provide a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to help you become a professional, skilled DJ.

The workshops cover all aspects of DJing, including presentation, music management, mixing skills, and broadcasting. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced professional looking to refine your skills, these modules are suitable for all levels of experience. With John's expert guidance, you will gain a thorough understanding of the art of DJing and learn how to create and deliver exceptional performances that will keep your audience entertained and engaged.

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